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Communities exist because of the members that join them. A strong member community comes from ensuring engagement with the community is authentic and the events and interactions that these organizations deliver, not only foster a better community but help it grow.

Having the right member engagement strategy is essential for the success of every association, chamber, or a non-profit organization. Keeping members active, engaged, passionate and happy to renew their membership is a challenging task. 

This panel discussion, hosted by EventBank and their partners, is focused on helping you deliver more meaningful benefits to members. 

The event brings together leaders of associations, chambers, non-profits and other organizations to share the best practices and techniques to engage better with members, increase retention rates, improve the operations of the organizations and drive better results for stakeholders.

Join the panel discussion, free of charge, on August 14th in Kuala Lumpur with other leaders of membership-based organizations and hear first-hand accounts from people who have faced the same challenges you are experiencing and succeeded.

Everyone will leave this event with new relationships, insights and actionable practices to increase member engagement.



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