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Event Details

This Spotlight Session is Sponsored by Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill.

Lately, the Malaysian Customs have announced that they will intensify GST & Customs compliance audits. This spotlight session will discuss the following key operational issues:

1. Inter-companies charges: Determining whether the recovery of expenses is a disbursement or reimbursement
2. Zero-rating of international services: Practical difficulties in interpreting item 12 and 13 of the Zero-rated Supply Order 2014
3. Anti-avoidance rules and its application under the GST Act
4. Rejection of Sales Tax refund application under the GST Act
5. Amendments to the GST Act 2014 by the Finance Act 2017 on Free Zone and Time of supply on imported services
6. Customs GST audit – Managing record keeping
7. The implementation of U-Customs to replace the traditional system and issues faced by traders
8. Raids by the National Revenue Recovery Enforcement Team
9. Prohibition of goods and trading jurisdictions from trade
10. Retrospective imposition of import duty, sales tax and service tax and the legal remedies available

This session is FREE and strictly for members only. Due to limited seats, we would encourage you to register early.

For further clarifications, please contact Ms Nadeeka Sarah at nadeeka@amcham.com.my or if you would like to know more about our Spotlight Session.

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30 mins

Registration & Arrival of Guests


5 mins

Welcome Remarks


85 mins

Session on Insights Into Recent GST & Customs Issues


25 mins




Closing Remarks