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Event Details

We are taking stock of the President's First 100 Days. What has happened and what does it or could it mean for us in this part of the world. Join us on May 3, 2017 from 2pm to 4pm at the AMCHAM's Executive Office for a lively discussion on the actions, merits, mis-steps achievements or otherwise of the new Administration. A panel of speakers with perspectives and opinions will share their 'views' on President Trump's agenda and the impact it could, will or already having on Malaysia.

Which proposed legislation and executive orders should we be paying attention to? How will the bi-lateral relationship develop? Come with questions as well as your opinions and make this an interactive program.

Some of the key areas that we will cover:-

  • The impact for Malaysia from the new administration - What happens post-TPP?
  • What are the prospects for Bilateral Trade agreements - Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam
  • Tax Policy - what are the prospects / implications for businesses

For further clarifications, please contact Ms. Nadeeka Sarah at nadeeka@amcham.com.my or 603 2283 3407



30 mins

Registration & Arrival of Guests


10 mins

Welcome Remarks by AMCHAM


20 mins

An Overview on Where Are We At



Wrap-Up and Closing Remarks



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